Packing and shipping

Information description:

1. The product mark should include the following: Product specifications, product volume number, quality level, shelf life, manufacturer and its address, standard number, etc. The product specifications are expressed as follows:

With shadow edge: thickness (mm) × width (mm) / color edge width (mm) × length (m)

Transparent sheet: thickness (mm) × width (mm) × length (m)

2. Packaging: The interlayer of the rolled PVC is separated by PE film, vacuum-packed with aluminum foil, and placed in a wooden box. The qualified products should be accompanied by a certificate, quality feedback card, product packing list, etc. .

3. Transportation: During transportation, it must not be exposed to sunlight, rain and severe vibration.

4. Storage: The product should be stored in a clean warehouse at ambient temperature. Direct sunlight is strictly prohibited on the product. After the package is damaged or opened, it should be stored at 20℃±5℃, relative humidity 20%-40% Environment.

5. Shelf life: Keep the packaging intact. Under ambient temperature, the shelf life is three years. 

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